• I have been very curious about the self-storage investment market, The Wicklund Group had the highest level of research, insight and expertise in this area. They gave me the confidence I needed to invest in the area.

    Marcus Walker

  • It's officially signed! Thank you so much Scott! We definitely could not have done it without you! Your recommendations were very huge too.

    A Harlin, Dakine Grindz

  • My name is Johnny Moore & I grew up most of my life in Central Oregon. One big reason I came back home from traveling the United States was to fulfill I dream I've had since I was little... To own & create a barbershop in my hometown. Scott Wicklund looked at me not as a young inexperienced man but as someone who is passionate and has drive to be able to make a foundation for not only his self but for the community of Central Oregon. I could go on for days about how good Scott was to us. Let me say that if I ever wanted to find create another barbershop... Scott will be the man I go see. Thanks again Scott!

    Johnny Moore - The Barber League